PSASA Virtual Mastermind

13th July 2021
Rainer Petek -
From campervan to hologram: Technology tips for virtual speaking

10 Tech-Commandments For Virtual Speaking

1) You shall establish a tech mastermind group.
2) You shall keep the tech priorities always in mind.
3) You shall maintain eye-level. 
4) You shall not cause any eye-pain to your clients.
5) You shall re-humanise digital communication. .
6) You shall use low-tech creatively. 
7) You shall use different platforms for different purposes for the same client. 
8) You shall work with Pro’s & pay them according to push the limits with you together. 
9) You shall keep your set-up’s simple, robust and flexible.
10) You shall have a “Beach version" of your service. 

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