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From scorpions to sustainability
Jonathan is a unique individual. Born in England in 1970, he was fortunate to have been bought up in a family who encouraged an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of the natural world. Camping, hiking, climbing, fishing and sailing were all part of his “formal” education as a child. Immigrating to South Africa in 1984 sparked a new, and boundless fascination in the natural world. Spiders were hairier, scorpions were plentiful, snakes were more venomous and nature was woven into the fabric of society.
Fascinated by those creatures that bite and sting, his journey through a world that so many fear yet few understand began. In 2003, he wrote Scorpions of southern Africa, which gave him the leverage and a platform to be seen and heard. A few books later Jonathan quickly became the venomous animal go-to-guy.
Since the publication of his first book, Jonathan has worked in 11 countries and with people of many different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds – unravelling the barriers in our values and beliefs that steal the future from future generations. How the mere image of a spider, scorpion or snake reveals a deeply entrenched phobia that defines our culture, creating fear and developing a disconnection from the natural world.
Today, Jonathan’s work does not answer the question of “If it bites me will I die?”, but rather helps us answer the question of “How do we avoid becoming a victim of our own circumstance?”. From waving the flag for venomous animals, Jonathan’s purpose has taken aim at the looming target of sustainability and how civilisation’s attitude towards the world is stealing the future from our children and our children’s children.
Jonathan has developed the One World sustainability framework that bridges the gap between sustainability objectives and the individual’s values and beliefs, aligning the intent of an individual to the intent of the organisation. 

One World is focused upon empowering participants to go back to their communities and drive their own sustainability efforts, regardless of what those efforts are.
Best selling author, conservationist and international speaker, Jonathan offers unique insight into creating a sustainable future by teaching lessons from the natural world, to create opportunities for change, responsible leadership and innovation.

International Speaker

Well known for his unique style, enthusiasm and energetic personality. Jonathan’s presentations and lectures have been described by many as insightful, passionate and inspirational. Today, Jonathan speaks at medical conferences, sustainability events, leadership events. He has been speaking professionally for over 20 years, across 11 different countries, and  to a wide variety of audiences. 

Best Selling Author

Jonathan's author of 9 books including Scorpions of Southern Africa, First Aid Guide To Spider Bites & Scorpion Stings, and One World. His written work has shaped our understanding of venomous animals and influenced the next generation on conservationists and environmentalists.

Award Winning Conservationist

Jonathan of Southern Africa's leading expert on scorpions and their envenomation. Jonathan’s mission in life is to work towards a better understanding and tolerance of these misunderstood creatures. His unique use of venomous animals and humanities values and beliefs towards these animals as leverage for understanding where we are now, and how to create the future that we so desperately need.

From Scorpions To Sustainability

My personal journey of self discovery from scorpions to sustainability has taken me to the far corners of the earth amongst the world most venomous creatures, in search of who I am and who I aspire to be.

Past Clients

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