Nature Works Walk

Explore the inner working of the world


It has never been a more important time in human history where we need to understand the world. Not just an understanding so that we can name individual things, but an understanding of the ebb and flow of nature, how the nature works. The environment operates as an infinite number of interconnections, all working in harmony to create the world we live in. It’s a complex interconnection of relationships that we are part of.

The Nature Works Walk is a 2 hour walk that focuses upon the inner workings of the natural world. During this walk, we will explore on how nature works through concepts such as biodiversity, ecosystem services, the value of nature, animal intelligence, biomimicry, and the human relationship with the environment and so much more. All in a way that is easy to understand for adults and children alike.

If you have ever wondered how soil is formed, why animals and plants live where they do, how weather works, and how venomous animals have given us the technology save our lives, and how we humans are connected to the environment. Then the Nature Works Walk is the event for you.

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