Workshops & Activities

Collaborative workshops and activities that explore who we are, and who we aspire to be
Sustainability means different things to different people depending on their now circumstances, who they are, and where they live and work. One World Workshops create dialogue, and connect participants to the organisation’s sustainability targets and objectives. It also helps participants understand what sustainability is for them, and their role in achieving targets and objectives.

World One Strategy Session I - You Are Here

One World Strategy Session I – You Are Here!, is a half day session that focuses upon where we are Right Here, Right Now! and understanding our Fatal Disconnection.
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World One Strategy Session II - Earning The Future

One World Strategy Session II – Earning The Future, is a half day session that focuses upon The Future Starts Now!
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4 Hour collaborative workshop that focuses upon how to turn anxiety into action during periods of change. 
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Biomimicry Walk

Join Jonathan Leeming on an exploration of the natural world in search of how nature solves challenges through form, processes and systems, and how we can adopt natural principles to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.
Biomimicry Walk

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