One World Book

Together we can change tomorrow today

We are the first generation who truly understands that the world our children grow up in will be vastly different from our own. How we overcome the challenges of our time, will make the difference between a world that we tolerate, and a world in which we prosper.

One World is for everyone who:

  • Feels they are living in a period of change.
  • Feels uncertain about the future.
  • Wants to make the world a better place.

One World is divided into 3 sections. The first section, Right Here, Right Now, is an exploration of our current situation. The second section, Creating An Understanding, touches upon the broader and more important concepts that create the foundations for a sustainable mindset. The third and last section, The Future Starts Now, focuses upon the change management, innovation and leadership that is so desperately needed to create our new world.

One World supports biomimicry.

 Jonathan Leeming is a proud recipient of a 2020 Eco-Logic Environmental award for One World and associated presentations, workshops, activities and free resources. 
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8 comments on “One World Book”

  1. I have started reading your book and I must say, I cannot put it down. It is written excellently, I love how intellectual and honest it is, something I actually want to read…I hardly read yet I impulsively just knew that I needed your book

    1. Thank you Laylaa, I feel that the message of One World is important for everyone of us, as it draws a line in the sand and gives us something to move from. It also gives us hope for the future and creates a positive attitude.

    1. Thank you Rita! When I wrote One World, I wanted the ideas and content to be easily understood but more importantly, practical and applicable to our every day lives. I've had many comments that echo your sentiments. My aim right now is to get the message of One World out to as many people as possible so that we can link our reality to a common understanding that will help us create an prosperous future.

  2. Thank you for writing your One World book. It has helped me understand the world and focus my efforts to, as you say... to make the world a better place!

    1. Hi Mark, One world presents complex difficult to understand concepts in easy to understand ways that relate to our everyday lives. The aim of writing the book was to give direction to the reader and help them crete their own One World.

  3. Insightful & value adding is what describes this book best for me. In a world of uncertainties, fast- changing technology making it hard to keep up with so much anxiety, One World is truly the answer, engaging and thought- provoking.
    A read I suggest to everyone who wishes to make a difference.

  4. Your book One World speaks to all of my concerns and questions for try future and the future of my family.

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