Deadly Innovation

Unlocking innovation for a sustainable future


Never before has humanity been so uncertain about the future. Our efforts of the past 200 years towards a better and more prosperous life has done little more than create challenges for our own existence. It seems like, as we take one step forward, we seem to take 2 gargantuan steps back.

I don’t think there is anyone living on planet earth, who can honestly say that, the world they live in right now. Is the world that you had hoped for. Is this what you wanted out of life? When you were young, is the world you live in today, everything you had hoped for?

Using our perceptions of venomous animals, Deadly Innovation explores how innovation that will solve the challenges of our time, will come from the most unlikely of sources. Why clutching on to outdated values and beliefs is holding us back, and how being open to solutions, is going to help us create the future that we so desperately desire.

Deadly Innovation is part of the One World Ecosystem which supported by award winning book. Deadly Innovation is part of the One World Ecosystem and is supported by One World Media, One World Book and One World Connect.

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  • An understanding of how natural innovation adds value to our lives.
  • How to develop and innovative mindset.
  • Connecting innovation to our everyday lives. 
  • Identifying the value of biotechnology and biomimicry.

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5 comments on “Deadly Innovation”

  1. I first met Jonathan, many years ago, when he was an enthusiastic teenage member of The Spider Club of Southern Africa. It’s extremely rewarding to see how his passion for his beloved scorpions and the natural world has blossomed and grown, and to witness him now communicating and sharing his depth of knowledge with humour and professionalism.

  2. Recently, SA Association of Retired Persons were fortunate to have Jonathan come and speak for a second time. Jonathan has a passion, vision and inspiration. Whatever our age we all have a responsibility to bring about change.

  3. You have a super human ability to connect to the audience in a very personal and profound way, then you unleash your message! I’ve been using blood pressure medication for a number of years and had no idea they were based upon snake venom. You have converted me, as I left your presentation questioning everything I know about venomous animals and the environment. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Eric. Solving the challenges of our time starts with understanding that our values and beliefs are everything! If we can see the world differently, then we can overcome all of the challenges that modern life presents.

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