Event Rooms

Welcome to the event rooms

Event rooms are reserved for pre-recorded presentations. They are open or closed as online events are scheduled and for specific clients. 

If you are here to participate in one of my online events, then please have your password ready, and choose the relevant room. If you do not know which room you are scheduled to be in, or do not know the password, please contact your event organisor. 

Event Room 1 - Bite Me! (Open)

Now showing, Bite Me! as presented over Zoom for Leadership For Conservation In Africa, 11th February 2021. This is an open room.

Event Room 2 - Education through, for and about the environment (Open)

Now showing, Dr Cheryl Ogilvie's presentation for Leadership For Conservation in Africa. 29th April 2021.

Event Room 3

Please have your password ready when entering event room 3.

Event Room 4

Please have your password ready when entering event room 4.

Do You Want To Arrange You Own Virtual Event?

It is easier than you think to arrange an event for your organisation or group. Complete the following form and include your requirements and we can discuss how best I can surpass your expectations.
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