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My mission is to help usher in a bright and sustainable future by helping individuals and communities to create their own One World. If you consider yourself living through a period of change, if you are uncertain about the future, and if you want to make the world a better place, then contact me and together we can change tomorrow today. 

Create Your Own One World

“We are living in the most confusing and challenging period of at least my life. There is no doubt that the way we have fabricated society is just not working. Everything from what we eat and drink, where we go on holiday, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, the financial system and where we live… are being questioned, poked and prodded. The challenges of our time will have consequences for all of us. 

The next few years will see a disruption in our expectations of society, and at the same time, usher in a rejuvenation of how we live our lives.”
Jonathan Leeming
One World

Creating My One World

One World has been growing inside of me for many years. It is only one step away from my obsession with venomous animals. The seed was planted soon after Scorpions of Southern Africa hit the bookshelves in 2003, as I immediately realised that there are vastly different reasons why people bought my book.

Some people wanted to be wowed by the 8 legged awesomeness that scurried from every page. They had an open mind, a thirst for knowledge, and didn’t mind getting dirty in order to learn. Conversely, there were those people who were steeped in old wives tales and fear. They were afraid of scorpions not because of what they knew, but rather because of what they did not know. Although they rubber necked from cover to cover, there was no awesomeness radiating from the pages for them.
My 2019 revision of Scorpions of Southern Africa is now out. The revision has given me the opportunity to experience the difference in my values and beliefs from 2003 until now, and how far they have evolved. I realise that my ability to understand the world is driven by my willingness to de-construct my own values and beliefs, which in turn, creates an environment that guarantees personal growth and development.

Working with venomous animals has given me an insight into how we perceive the world as we are, and not how the world actually is. Time and time again, I have witnessed how our misguided values and beliefs create an ever increasing disconnection between ourselves and the natural world. It is a sad state of affairs when the very processes that give us life, become perverted by the mind into something to be feared. This disconnection is the sole reason why a shift to a more sustainable mindset is so vital for the future of humanity.
Sustainability is a subject that touches every aspect of our lives. There is no getting away from the consequences of our actions. However, given the scope and importance of the subject, writing this book has been an eye opening experience for me. While working on this manuscript, I’ve taken a closer look at my own impact upon the world. I always thought that I was one of the more sustainable people that I knew. I don’t buy plastic bags, I have vegetarian days a few times a week, I avoid fast foods and soft drinks and I’m very conscious about the waste that I generate.

However, my research has taken me into deeper areas of my life that have made me very uncomfortable. I now realise that my efforts are not enough, and that I have a desire to disassociate myself from the smoke and mirrors of modern life. The desire to dig deeper and to learn more about my impact on the world, has been the driving force behind my motivation to write this book.
 Jonathan Leeming is a proud recipient of a 2020 Eco-Logic Environmental award for One World and associated presentations, workshops, activities and free resources. 
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One World Book

One World, bridges the gap between where we are right now, and the future that we so desperately need!

It is ideal for you if:

  • You feel like they are living through a period of change.
  • You feel uncertain about the future.
  • You want to make the world a better place.

The One World Ecosystem is a collection of products and services that communicate the message of One World through workshops, presentations, personal development programs, practical experiences and free online tools and resources.

Use the One World Free Resources to create your own One World!

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One World Conversations

One World Conversations is a free, simple, thought provoking exercise workshop tool that gets the conversation started. Give it a go, and create your own One World.

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From Scorpions To Sustainability

My personal journey of self discovery from scorpions to sustainability has taken me to the far corners of the earth amongst the world most venomous creatures, in search of who I am deep down inside.

One World Events

Join Jonathan Leeming on a public event or arrange a private event for your organisation or special interest group?
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