Oppenheimer Research Conference 2019

Advancing Conservation Consciousness

If you attended the 10th Oppenheimer Research ConferenceAdvancing Conservation Consciousness, you may remember that I made an offer in the collaboration session. The conference is over, however, as leaders in our own unique conservation efforts, we all have a responsibility to advance conservation consciousness, into the future.

Although most people know me for writing Scorpions Of Southern Africa, I have in fact written 9 books. When I wrote my latest book, One World, I created some free online resources to get the message of One World to a wider audience. Please feel free to help you solve to whatever add's value what you do!

One World Free Stuff!

A collection of inspiring free resources for you to enjoy and share.
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Free anonymous downloads that convey the message of One World.

Social media

Spread the message of One World on your social media platform.


Get the conversation started with this free workshop tool.


A collection of articles adapted from the One World book.
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