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Jonathan is a best selling author, international speaker and award winning conservationist. He leverages the audiences perceptions of spiders, scorpions and snakes to infer aspects of sustainability. His work has defined a generation, and has shaped our current understanding of scorpions and scorpion stings in Southern Africa. 

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Bite Me!

How spiders can help us overcome the challenges of our time
Bite Me! leverages our perceptions of spiders and their bites to demonstrate how our values and beliefs can be detached from reality. It’s a powerful analogy that connects to the audience deep down inside. It’s unique, a little bit strange, funny, has some epic poignant moments that teach us an important lesson about our values and beliefs towards the world.
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Deadly Innovation

Unlocking innovation for a sustainable future
Deadly Innovation explores how innovation to solve the challenges of our time, will come from the most unlikely of sources. Why clutching on to your outdated values and beliefs is holding you back, and how being open to solutions, is going to help you create the future that you so desperately desire.
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The Creepy That Crawl

The story of venomous creepy crawlies in your garden and home
A highly interactive and entertaining story of our relationship with the environment that focuses upon the venomous creepy crawlies that can be found in our homes (spiders, scorpions, centipedes and snakes). Presented in a workshop style, there are no visuals which allows the conversation to flow to where ever the audience wants to go, pulling it back to a conclusion.
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Gardening For Wildlife

How to create a beautiful garden that attracts and supports wildlife
This highly informative presentation examines the principles of nature that are required to have a beautiful garden that attracts wildlife. Practical and clear guidelines that support natural systems that in turn transform your garden into a haven for wildlife. Presented by Jonathan Leeming.
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Mindshots are 15 minute quick fire adaptations of the One World presentations. Designed to have the biggest impact in the shortest time!
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