Presentations & Mindshots

One World presentations usher in a bright and sustainable future

Bite Me!

The challenge of creating the future is firmly located in how well we can re-align our values and beliefs to the current needs of our time. If we want to have a hope of leading into the future, we have to create our own narrative of the world. A narrative that links facts to reality, and reality to our vision of the future. 
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Deadly Innovation

Deadly Innovation explores how innovation often comes from the most unlikely of sources. Why clutching on to outdated values and beliefs is holding us back, and how being open to new solutions is going to help us create a better world through biotechnology and biomimicry.
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Eco-Anxiety focuses upon the world we live in today, highlighting the sources of anxiety, but more importantly, how to reframe anxiety as a driving force for solving the challenges of our time, and building a prosperous new future.
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The Ego/ Eco Paradigm

The Ego/ Eco Paradigm offers a simple framework from which we can evaluate our impact upon the world. This framework helps us understand how we are driven by our values and beliefs, the impact that our values and beliefs have, and the consequences of our every day choices.
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Mindshots are 15 minute quick fire adaptations of the One World presentations. Designed to have the biggest impact in the shortest time!
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