Pre-recorded Presentations

Pre-recorded presentations anytime and anywhere

Certain presentations have been pre-recorded and can be available or viewing for your event or group. Pre-recorded presentations are made available for your meeting or event. They can also be made available for a period of time such as for a few hours.

How it works

  • You'll be assigned an Event Room and a password before the event. 
  • As the event organisor, you'll send an email or message to your participants containing the date and time of the screening, room number, password and the link to the event room, to your participants. 
  • On the event date and time, the participants open the page at the link, and select the correct room. The participants then enter the password to enter the event room. 
  • Once your participants have entered the room, they will be able to view the presentation. 

Screening times of presentations will be specified by the event organiser. The event organisor may test this process before the event. 

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