Virtual Presentations

Presentations anytime and anyplace

Applications like Zoom are great in todays trying times, but just like Powerpoint, Zoom can be used to torture and inflict agony, or wow and really add value to an audience.

Presentations can be presented over your favourite meeting application. A subsequence question and answer session can follow the presentation. 

How it works

  • A date, time and presentations is decided upon.
  • Many of my presentations include guidelines for presenting online. These guidelines may include polls (Zoom), customisation and offer of free resources. This document is emailed to the meeting chair. 
  • If required, a test run to performed before the date of the event.
  • During the event, the meeting chair welcomes everyone and introduces Jonathan to the participants. 
  • The presentation is presented leaving time for a question and answer session afterwards. 
  • At the end of the presentation, participants will be given an exclusive link to a summary of the presentation, free resources and downloads. This page also includes a feedback form.

Virtual presentations are ideal for meetings where a question and answer session is required. Some of my presentations have associated free downloads. 

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