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Keeping the conversation going through these challenging times


Lockdown has been isolating for many of us. As a speaker it's been a frustrating yet productive period. I've taken the content of my presentations/ workshops and reduced each of them down to 5 short posts of about 250 words each plus an image or link to a free online resource. These posts are designed to not only convey the topic but also generate discussion on a social messaging group. These topics are suitable for any audience, anywhere in the world.

These posts would make a value contribution to your social media, newsletter and local newspaper!

This is a free offer for the duration of lockdown. 

How It Works

Have a look at the available topics below. If you are not sure which topic to select, then I would suggest you go with Eco-Anxiety. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage, and complete the request form.

After I receive your request, I'll send you my contact details, so you can add me to your social messaging group. I'm on WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Facebook. After being added to your group, I'll introduce myself to the members, and then on the following Monday, I'll begin with 1 post per day, and answer any questions and spark the conversation. At the end of the week I will leave the group (or you can remove me).

If you would rather prefer a conservation topic related, then please go to

Topics For Discussion


Turning anxiety into action during periods of change
Eco-Anxiety focuses upon the world we live in today, highlighting the sources of anxiety, but more importantly, how to reframe anxiety as a driving force for solving the challenges of our time, and building a prosperous new future.

Keywords anxiety, lockdown, manipulation, fake news, reaction to today's world.

The Ego/ Eco Paradigm

Understanding our impact upon the world
The Ego/ Eco Paradigm offers a simple framework from which we can evaluate our impact upon the world. This framework helps us understand how we are driven by our values and beliefs, the impact that our values and beliefs have, and the consequences of our every day choices.

Keywords Impact, values and beliefs, change, creating the future.


Explore, discover and be inspired by the natural world
There are just over 8.7 million described plants and animals on Earth which are essentially individual science experiments, perpetually testing out new ways of doing things in order to find a better way. Since humans live under the same laws of nature and under the same conditions, it makes sense that we learn from the inner workings of the natural world.

Keywords Our current reality, what is biomimicry, emulate, reconnect, life's principles.

Presented by Jonathan Leeming

Jonathan Leeming is a best selling author of 9 books including Scorpions of southern Africa, and One World. International speaker and award winning conservationist, Jonathan helps organisations and individuals create their own One World through his books, presentations, workshops, activities and free downloads.

Together we can change tomorrow today!

Complete the following form and select which social discussion you would like for your group. If you just want free resources for your group, then please indicate so. 


"Thank you for your posts this week. This is very true, something we can ponder on and nod our heads in agreement. The way humanity carried on as if there was no day of tomorrow is scary. I think this reflection of your is spot on. Thank you for once again helping us to be thankful for what we have and take full responsibility and ownership of the creation as has been intended since the beginning of time."


"Your message is spot on with what I am going through right now. Thank you for your posts."


"I couldn't agree more. It should be an opportunity to reflect on the circumstances of others, less fortunate than us and reach out."


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