One World Conversations

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How It Works

One World Conversations is a simple but thought provoking exercise that gets the conversation started.  It is a collection of One World Connect cards, presented online for you to use anytime and anywhere. One World Conversations can be presented in the following ways:

  • Large audiences in a formal setting using a data projector, screen and facilitator.
  • Small audiences, using a tablet device.
  • Between family and friends, using a mobile phone.
  • Self exploration, using your phone while riding the bus, waiting at an airport or during your lunch break.

Suitable for driving the conversation anytime and anyplace such as:

  • The workplace.
  • At schools.
  • Membership organisations.
  • On holiday with friends and family.
  • By yourself.

One World Conversations can be presented as a individual or group exercise. Each card consists of a quote from One World, and a question. The facilitator reads the quote, and asks the individual/ group the question. There are no wrong answers, just a deeper exploration of the world around us.

Download the One World Media to reinforce the message of One World Conversations.

Chapter 1 - You Are Here!

As mankind parades around the Earth as if possessed by super powers, the impact of our actions is having a debilitating effect upon the very systems that give us life. We are flaccidly intelligent, mediocre vertebrates who’s values and beliefs are often based upon ignorance.

However, there also has to be a fundamental change in the way that we see the world around us. Reducing our impact is as much about changing our values and beliefs as it is about using new technologies. As the buffer between natural resources and human consumption narrows, we have to rationalise our relationship with the environment in a new and rejuvenating way.
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Chapter 2 - A Fatal Disconnection

People say that we need to teach sustainability to children. However, we cannot disown our responsibility and rely upon the children to fix everything. It is everyone’s responsibility to be part of the solution because everyone is part of the problem.

 It has never been more important to reduce our disconnection with the natural world in order to begin a new period of sustainability. Right here, right now.
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Chapter 3 - Misspent Value

Our method of assigning economic value to aspects of the natural world is flawed beyond reconciliation. While we do not have to understand all the aspects of the natural world we must appreciate that, because something exists, it adds value in its own unique way.

The true value of nature does not exist as individual units, but rather in its connectedness into an infinite number of related systems. Every expression of life, adds value to the greater sum of things. The rabbit is not worth more than the snake, and the snake is not worth more than the rabbit. Together, however, the snake and rabbit are part of an interrelated system - a system that we ourselves are part of.
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Chapter 4 - Units & Systems

Our ability to radically change the environment without an understanding of how our actions influence natural systems, is a testament of our impact upon the Earth. The motivation for these activities is often not ignorance, but is born out of the industrial revolution and its sole mandate for economic development. American physician Steven Greer said “Our technology has marched ahead of our spiritual and social evolution, making us, frankly, a dangerous people.” 

The efforts and existence of snails, slugs, fish, elephants, tigers, bats, mice, worms, spiders, snakes and kangaroos add value and maintain the health of the environment. Man is the only animal on Earth that takes away, degrades, pollutes and destroys the ebb and flow of the natural world.
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Chapter 5 - The Ego / Eco Paradigm

If we are to have a hope at creating a better world, then it is time to consider the choices that we make every day, and to consider how they affect the environment and society. Many of the iconic brands that we recognise today will have to shape up or shut down. For these organisations it may mean less profits; for everyone else, it is a new start to a new world. 

It is easy to consider our actions according to Ego or Eco, however we have to understand that we all exist somewhere between these two polarisations. At one end of the scale, are all of those Ego aspects of our lives that we need to get rid of. At the other end of the scale are the Eco aspects that we should all be working towards. Mankind exists somewhere in between these polarisations.
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Chapter 6 - The Road To Sustainability

Metamorphosing from a traditional business model into a sustainable business model will be a challenge for all organisations. It is often not the large organisations that best weather this transition, but rather the nimble organisations that can manage change, innovate and who enjoy strong leadership.
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Chapter 7 - Earning The Future

Martin Luther King Jr said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” As we enter a new period in human history we have a chance to get back to basics and redefine policies, dramatically improve lives, close the gap between rich and poor, reinvigorate democracy and build a better world for all of us. Sustainability is not about saving the environment, but rather about saving ourselves who just so happens to rely upon the environment for our very existence.
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Although, Covid-19 rocked the foundations of our fragile society and it is not over yet! If we continue to engineer society in a way that goes against natural fundamentals, if we ignore the warning signs and resist changing who we are as a collective species, the next crisis to sweep across the Earth is going to break society in a far more dramatic and profound way.

Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less”. The secret to saving ourselves from ourselves is firmly held within your ability to unlearn and relearn our new reality.
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Bite Me!

One of the leading challenges of creating the future is re-aligning our values and beliefs with the current needs of our time. However, if we base our perceptions of the world upon what we do not know, rather than what we know, then it will be impossible to work towards a future that we so desperately need!

Bite Me! asks the question, if we can be so wrong about spiders, then what other areas of our lives can we be equally wrong about?
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Climate Change

Cop26 has just finished. It is the 26th year that we have been bickering over climate change and our responsibilities for mitigating our influence on the Earth. Unfortunately because of our inaction, right now has never been a more important period in human history when we need to understand what climate change means to us as individuals, and best can we manage it’s effects, and what we can do as individual to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our daily lifestyle choices.
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