Eco-Anxiety Presentation

Turning anxiety into action during times of change


We are living in the most confusing and challenging period of at least my life. There is no doubt that the way we have fabricated society is just not working. Everything from what we eat and drink, where we go on holiday, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, the financial system and where we live… are being questioned, poked and prodded. It is not as if the challenges are going to disappear like magic, the next few years will see a disruption of our expectations of society, and at the same time, usher in a rejuvenation of how we live our lives.

Anxiety exists within the difference between reality and our expectations of reality. The wider the disparity, the more anxious we become. In order to close this gap, we have to reframe what it means to be human, without being afraid to step beyond our own humanity.

Eco-Anxiety focuses upon the world we live in today, highlighting the sources of anxiety (including Covid-19 and lockdown), but more importantly, how to reframe anxiety as a driving force for solving the challenges of our time, and building a prosperous new future.


  • Realities of our time.
  • Anxiety.
  • You are influenced by social manipulation.
  • You manipulate yourself.
  • How manipulation fuels anxiety.
  • Re-imagining the world. 
  • The antidote for anxiety.

All attendees get access to free Eco-Anxiety related resources that help them spread the message of Eco-anxiety. 

Eco-Anxiety is available as:

The Eco-anxiety presentations and associated resources are designed for online presentation. 


  • Identify whats makes us anxious.
  • Understand external crews that create anxiety.
  • Reduce anxiety in our lives.
  • Convert anxious energy into action. 

Exclusive Eco-anxiety Related Resources

All participants get access of Eco-anxiety related resources that empower them to spread the message of Eco-anxiety to their family, friends and at work.


A short summary of Eco-anxiety to help them remember the core message of the presentation.


Share the message of Eco-anxiety through posters and social media.


Engage family, friends and work colleagues with this short and informal online workshop tool!

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