Eco-Anxiety Workshop

Turning anxiety into action during periods of change


Literally overnight, something so small, yet so large, changed my very aspect of our lives, and instilled fear and anxiety in person on the planet. Businesses closed, people lost their jobs, people died, and the future we all had hoped for, seemed an impossible dream. Anxiety creates negative feelings towards the present and the future, which in turn, create a downward spiral of hopelessness, depression and inaction. However, anxiety can also inspire and intensify our focus on activities that will make the world a better place. 

Eco-Anxiety takes a look at the causes of anxiety, how to reframe anxiety as a driving force for solving the challenges of our time, and building a prosperous new future.


  • The realities of our time.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Anxiety.
  • You are influenced by social manipulation.
  • You manipulate yourself.
  • How anxiety influences our lives.
  • Re-imagining the future.
  • The antidote for anxiety.

This collaborative 4 hour workshop is suitable for up to 30 participants per session. Ideal for morning or afternoon breakout sessions, and as a team building activity. All attendees get a free Eco-Anxiety resources.

The message of Eco-Anxiety is available as:

Supported by

  • Training Plan.
  • Eco-anxiety Worksheet.
  • One World Book.
  • One World Media.
  • One World Social media.
  • Eco-anxiety takeaway sumary.


  • Supports ISO14001/ Sustainability initiatives.
  • Sustainability goals and targets are communicated to employees.
  • Creates sustainability knowledge and competence.
  • Every employee becomes a sustainability champion and contributes towards sustainability.
  • Sustainability leadership development.

2 comments on “Eco-Anxiety Workshop”

  1. Thank you Jonathan for such an insightful workshop. I have learnt valuable information that I can apply to my everyday life. I will definitely be joining more of your workshops and talks.

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