Eco-Anxiety Personal Development Program

Essential life-skills for those who aspire to be more


Literally overnight, something so small, yet so large, changed my very aspect of our lives, and instilled fear and anxiety in person on the planet. Businesses closed, people lost their jobs, people died, and the future we all had hoped for, seemed an impossible dream. Anxiety creates negative feelings towards the present and the future, which in turn, create a downward spiral of hopelessness, depression and inaction. However, anxiety can also inspire and intensify our focus on activities that will make the world a better place. 

Eco-Anxiety takes a look at the causes of anxiety, how to reframe anxiety as a driving force for solving the challenges of our time, and building a prosperous new future.


  • The reality of our time.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Anxiety.
  • How we are influenced by social manipulation.
  • How we allow ourselves to be manipulated.
  • How manipulation fuels anxiety.
  • Pressure points.
  • Re-imagining the world.

The Eco-anxiety Personal Development Program is a self study program,  consisting of 24 hours of study, 8 sessions, 200 pages and 48 activities. 


Each Eco-Anxiety Personal Development Program contains:

  • Personal Development Program workbook (180 pages).
  • Pen.
  • One World Eco-anxiety Connect Cards.
  • Certificate.
  • Eco-anxiety summary.
  • Carry case.

The Eco-Anxiety Personal Development Program not only empowers you as an individual be become a One World ambassador, but gives you the understanding and tools to that the message of eco-anxiety to you family, your community and workplace. Instructions of how to hold your own workshops are included into the workbook.

Ideal for

The Eco-Anxiety Personal Development Program is a self study personal development program that is perfect for:

  • Something constructive to do during weekend get away in nature.
  • Home schools (Use it as a lesson plan).
  • Environmental education organisations.
  • Employees who feel anxious about what is happening in the world right now. 
  • Use the content as a lesson plan for your students, and use the supporting material to back it up. 


  • Understand where we are right now, in the world.
  • Understand the triggers that cause anxiety.
  • Understand how to filter out the triggers of anxiety.
  • How to cover anxiety into action.
  • How to engage others and help them understand anxiety. 
  • Provides the understanding and material for you to become a One World Ambassador, through materials that convey the message of Eco-Anxiety 
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