Biomimicry Social Discussion

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This short 5 day discussion is based upon the contents of my Biomimicry Presentation and Walk which focuses upon reducing our connection to the world and the benefits of connecting to the world around us. In this social messaging discussion, the following topics will be discussed.

  • Monday - Right here, right now.
  • Tuesday - What is biomimicry?
  • Wednesday - Emulate.
  • Thursday - Reconnect.
  • Friday - Life's principles. 

Each day sparks a conversation which explores what biomimicry means to the individual.


What is Biomimicry
by Jonathan Leeming

The challenges of building the future will not be solved by just staring at a problem but, instead, will be solved by being open to new solutions. Albert Einstein said “In order to solve the problems of our time, we need to change the way of thinking that created them in the first place“.

The miracle of nature is that whenever there has been a challenge, there is an organism that has found a way to conquer it. There are just over 8.7 million described plants and animals on Earth which are essentially individual science experiments, perpetually testing out new ways of doing things in order to find a better way. Since humans live under the same laws of nature and under the same conditions, it makes sense that we learn from the inner workings of the natural world.

Biomimicry is one such way of thinking that gives a new perspective upon how we design and treat our world, taking inspiration from the natural world to overcome some of the greatest challenges of our time!

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Life's principles

If we can get over our egotistical delusion that mankind is better than other animals, or exempt from the laws of nature, the we can begin to realize that we can solve most of our personal challenges if we align our lives along natural principles.

We share physical and psychological similarities with animals. We need food, water. We share a natural desire to bear young and care for them. We value time with our loved ones, and have to say goodbye to the world when we die.

We feel love, hate, remorse, guilt and pleasure. These are not just human traits, but rather shared across a large number of animals.

We are so closely linked to the environment, and share so much in common with other animals, that it would be foolish to think we are something unique and special, exempt from the laws of nature.

Our bodies are not designed to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, then watch netflix for another 6 hours. We need clean water, good wholesome food, clean air. we are nit designed by nature to eat processed food in such huge amounts (marketing budgets are!). Eat prominently plant based, avoid processed foods (everytime you eat, ask yourself… is what you are eating adding to your health, or taking away?)

We are social animals, requiring social interaction and relations with member of our species. Our purpose has become highjacked my marketing departments. A big house and fast car offset our insecurities and fears of who we are. We are designed for purpose, for adding value to the world. Egotistical pursuits such as dying with the most money with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardio vascular disease and chronic stress leave us hollow and incomplete.

It is time to stop our busy lives, take stock, and make a to do list of what is truly important in our lives. Biomimicry can help you achieve this in an open and honest way.

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Thank you!

A week long exploration of Bite Me!
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Jonathan Leeming

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