Bite Me! Presentation

How spiders can help us overcome the challenges of our time


One of the leading challenges of creating the future is re-aligning our values and beliefs with the current needs of our time. However, if we base our perceptions of the world upon what we do not know, rather than what we know, then it will be impossible to work towards a future that we so desperately need!

Bite Me! asks the question, if we can be so wrong about spiders, then what other areas of our lives can we be equally wrong about?


  • Perceptions of spiders.
  • Media portrayal.
  • Our values & beliefs are often based upon what we don't know rather than what we know.
  • General perceptions.
  • Spot the spider bite.
  • The context of our understanding
  • Disruption: If we are wrong about spiders, what about other areas of our lives?
  • Misperceptions of the challenges of our time.
  • Challenges of our time.
  • How can we be more aware?

Bite Me! leverages the average perception of spiders and their bites to illustrate how our values and beliefs are often based upon what we do not know, rather than what we know. This analogy is applied to the challenges of our time such as climate change, waste, water, oceans, human health and biodiversity loss. 

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Exclusive Bite Me! Resources

Participants get exclusive access of Bite Me! related resources that empower them to:

  • Learn - a short summary of Bite Me! to help participants remember and incorporate the message of Bite Me! into their lives.
  • Share - share the message of Bite Me! through posters and social media.
  • Engage - spread the message of Bite Me! through your own sustainability efforts using my quick and informal workshop tool that will engage family, friends and community members.

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  • Understanding how our values and beliefs effect our lives.
  • How to filter human bias.
  • Understanding how we can be so wrong about the world.
  • How to perceive the world in a more realistic way.

Lockdown/ Covid-19 Customisation

The message of Bite Me! focuses upon our misunderstanding of the world around us, and how we can create an understanding. I have adapted Bite Me! to address one of the biggest fears of our time: Lockdown and the Covid-19 virus. It has a valuable message that is very applicable and valuable right now. 

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14 comments on “Bite Me! Presentation”

  1. Where do I start! Thank you for your presentation entitled Bite Me!, although a few of our members were not keen on the topic, they were all very pleased they attended. Your presentation was simply amazing, particularly the way you interact with the audience with humour. The message of how we need to change our values and beliefs is very important today’s world. We will definitely get you back to share your enthusiasm and knowledge with our members in the future.

    1. Thank you Mary for your comment. it was a great audience with some amazing questions! I pleased I made a impression within your organisation.

  2. I’ve been to many conferences where one after another, the speakers iterate the same fact based message that it all sounds the same. Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard it all before. But, your message was so unique and fresh, it stood out head and shoulders above other. I have to commend you on the way you worked the audience by dissecting the fear and perceptions of spiders. It was pure genius. Then Boom! You drop your message like a sledgehammer, and everyone just gets it!

    When I went home, that I realised your message is so applicable in the current time. Now everytime I see a spider, it reminds me of how I need to change my values and beliefs towards all aspects of the world.

    1. Hi Steve, I’ve spent many years working with spiders and speaking about them. I know what questions to ask, to get the answer I want, to ask the next questions. I call it poking the audience. The best part for me is then I “drop the hammer” (as you say), the faces in the audience immediatly change.

      Just goes to show that, together we can change tomorrow today!

  3. Jonathan Leeming delivered a most entertaining presentation entitled ‘Bite Me!’. On thanking him Antoinette Reis said that he knows well that an audience learns better while having fun. Attendees also commented that the subject on spiders, while seemingly serious, was handled in a most receptive and fun way. Jonathan’s facial expression was always open and welcoming. All of the best.

  4. Thank you Jonathan, such an interesting evening last night at Inkwazi Bird Club, everyone enjoyed it

  5. Thank you, Johnathan, for a very insightful presentation at the SA Hunters and Game Conservation (Centurion) branch evening. We learned a lot. I can see you do it with great passion. Good work.

  6. Hi Jonathan, thank you for the presentation to our SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association members at the Centurion branch. Apart from very informative it was also an eye opener to many a member at the meeting. This is a presentation that needs to be heard by much more people especially those who have this “Hollywood” fear of spiders. I am sure we can, with better understanding and knowledge, contribute much more to the conservation of all living creatures on this planet. Thank you for the way in which you did this presentation.

  7. Thank you for your amazing zoom presentation. I loved the way you conveyed your message... so different and yet engaging. It has provided me with a new way to see the world. Thank you once again, I hope to be at one of your other presentations.

  8. Thanks for the excellent and informative presentation last evening. You certainly dispelled the common thoughts and myths around spider bites. Many of us have erroneously accused a spider of a bite when in fact a skin discoloration could be caused by a number of things. The title and visual of your talk with the Hour Glass/Button Spider and words Bite Me! are chilling and compelling at the same time. We certainly went away far better informed and less prejudiced towards spiders in particular and people and perceptions in general.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sue

      Thank you for the comment! I'm pleased you and your members enjoyed my presentation over Zoom. I love giving this presentation as it opens the mind to how we perceive the world around us. A very important message in todays modern world.

  9. We all thoroughly enjoyed the talk, informative and entertaining. Even my mum, who was a little reluctant to listen, totally enjoyed it. Thanks and well done! And many thanks for mentioning Painted Wolf Wines. 😊

  10. Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you so much for your Zoom presentation "Bite Me"!!
    We all thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the time whizzed by with all the interesting information.
    It was one of the most fun zooms we've had, full of your own quirky humour!!!

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