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One World by Jonathan Leeming

One World, bridges the gap between sustainability targets and objectives and the individual’s values and beliefs. One World is not about saving the environment, but rather about saving ourselves who rely upon the environment for our very existence. One World provides a framework that focuses upon the ‘Why” of sustainability rather than the “What”.

One World free resources that empower your own sustainability efforts, re-imagine the world and kickstart a revolution.

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Scorpions of Southern Africa by Jonathan Leeming

The 2003 edition of Scorpions of Southern Africa heralded a new era in scorpion conservation, understanding and appreciation. In 2019, I’m proud to announce my latest revision of Scorpions of Southern Africa which will continue to inspire and educate. Available at your local bookshop or online retailer.

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 Jonathan Leeming is a proud recipient of a 2020 Eco-Logic Environmental award for One World and associated presentations, workshops, activities and free resources. 
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