Updates and explanations regarding the proposed development at Kloofendal nature Reserve
The information on this page is no way designed to sway opinion or organise objections or support for this proposed project. However, as an actively concerned citizen and frequent visitor to Kloofendal Nature Reserve, I would like all interested individuals to have their say regarding the proposed project.

The initial “Background Information Document” document is vague, badly worded and misleading. The information on this page is designed to clarify the process, keep you informed and create a public space that caters for the communities needs and requirements.


Proposed development of Kloofendal Nature Reserve consists of staff accommodation and visitor’s centre.

The lay-out of the proposed development as well as engineering service requirements including sewage, water, electricity, refuge disposal and stormwater management will be defined and assessed in the EIA Process.

Initial Public Meeting, 6th February 2020

At a public meeting held at Kloofendal Nature Reserve on the 6th February 2020, to present the scope and details of the project.

Download the project presentation here!

Afterwards,  FRoK proposed that the project be abandoned, and instead, the financial resources be used to maintain, repair and upgrade the following:

  • Security – The boundary fence has been pushed over/ fallen down, allowing poachers, dogs and criminals access to the reserve. The boundary fence should be repaired or replaced to increase the security of the community. Security guards require an all weather shelter in the parking area.
  • Parking – the parking area is is dire need of maintenance or replacing. This area is limited and insufficient for visitors over weekends.
  • Sewerage – repeated sewerage leaks within the reserve pollute the dam and environment.
  • Toilets – maintenance and upgrades are required.
  • Paths – maintenance of paths is required to address erosion and unstable areas.
  • Heritage assets – the stamp mill requires a roof to prevent damage.
  • Lawns – maintenance is required.
  • Dam repairs – the spillway below the dam is in need of repair.
  • Alien vegetation control – alien vegetation is an ongoing challenge.
  • Bush encroachment – bush encroachment is an ongoing challenge.
  • Children’s playground – a children’s playground has been identified as required asset.
  • Signage – permanent signage is required.
  • Wheelchair access – none of the facilities are wheelchair friendly.

The project mentioned the construction of a ticket booth, which indicates visitors will have to pay to enter the reserve.

Download the FRoK presentation here!

How You Can Help

  • Download and read the Kloofendal Project Details Presentation (Click here to download).
  • Download and read the FRoK Presentation (click here to download).
  • Download the Background Information Document (Click here to download) and register your interest as a concerned member of the community.
  • Please send an email IKAMVA and indicate you would like to be registered as an interested party.
  • Be part of the consultation process and have your say!

You have until the 26th March to part of the consultation process! Click on the button to compose an email, and become a registered concerned citizen! Or send an email to Odwa Ntshanga at NtshangaO@kamva.co.za 

The Consultation Process

  • After registering your interest, you will be listed as an interested party.
  • When IKAMVA Consulting have completed their environmental impact assessment (EIA) (consisting of a Heritage Impact Assessment and Ecological Assessment), it will be sent to all registered interested parties for comment. After receiving this document, interested parties will have 30 days to make comments.
  • After this comment period, comments will be considered and the EIA revised accordingly. This new revision will be forwarded to the interested parties, and further comments will be taken into consideration.

If you have any questions regarding this process please direct all queries and comments to the consultants responsible for this process and producing the EIA (See bottom of page).


Kloofendal Project Details Presentation

At a meeting held on the 6th February 2020. This document outlines the project proposal, images, architect designs, intentions and scope of the project.
Download this PDF

FROK Presentation

Presentation that was presented at the public meeting held on the 15th March 2020.
Download this PDF

Background Information Document

The BID (Background Information Document). If you value Kloofendal Nature Reserve, then it is important that you download this document, register your interest and have your say.
Download this PDF

Any Queries or Questions?

If you have any questions regarding this process please direct all queries and comments to the consultants responsible for this process and producing the EIA.

IKAMVA Consulting

Ms Odwa Ntshanga NtshangaO@kamva.co.za
Ms Natalie Pullen Natalie@kamva.co.za
No 7 Baobab Street, Zwartkop X4, Centurion, 0181
Tel: 012 663 5310
Fax: 012 663 5373/086 626 8914

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