One World Exploration

Experience a world of self discovery, right at your feet

For many of us, nature has become a destination. It is somewhere we go for a holiday or over a weekend. We leave our preoccupied lives behind and venture off to a national park or game reserve in our fossil fuel guzzling 4×4 laden with all the necessary gadgets and accessories. In reality however, nature is not just a place where we visit to relax.

One World Exploration is aimed at small groups with access to a natural area.

  • Deepening the connection to the environment. 
  • Underpinning the importance and value of urban natural spaces.
  • Connecting the environment to human health.

It's only natural that Jonathan will find a few spiders and scorpions, demonstrating how nature is impartial, and how everything adds value in it's on unique way, and connecting that value back to our own lives. One World Connect cards are used to deepen the connection between who we are, and the environment that gives us life.

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