One World Personal Development Program

Essential life-skills for those who aspire to be more


The One World Personal Development Program consists of 7 sessions, each session is an exploration of the world and provides a practical application of each chapter of the One World Book. 


  • Session 1 - You Are Here!
  • Session 2 - A Fatal Disconnection
  • Session 3 - Misspent Value
  • Session 4 - Units And Systems
  • Session 5 - The Ego / Eco Paradigm
  • Session 6 - The Road To Sustainability
  • Session 7 - Earning The Future

Oner World Personal Development program focuses upon the message of One World and consists of 28 hours of study, 200 pages and 77 activities. 


Each One World Personal Development Program contains:

  • Personal Development Program workbook (200 pages).
  • Pen.
  • One World Connect Cards.
  • Carry case.

Supported by One World Book, One World Posters, and One World Social Media

Ideal for

The One World Personal Development Program is a self study personal development program that is perfect for:

  • Something constructive to do during weekend get away in nature.
  • Home schools.
  • Environmental education organisations.
  • Employees who wish to understand the world.
  • Use the content as a lesson plan for your students, and use the supporting material to back it up. 


  • Understand where we are right now, in the world.
  • Understand our impact upon the world.
  • Identify outdated values and beliefs that are holding us back from the future that we want.
  • How to lead and create the future.
  • Urgency of change, innovation and responsible leadership.
  • Leaning from the past to create the future.
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