How to change your In Person registration to Webinar registration

Thank you for registering for the Eswatini Snakebite Symposium 2021. For many attendees, the emergence of the new variation of COVID-19 has been a cause for concern. Therefore, if you feel more comfortable attending the Symposium Webinar rather than In-Person, you are welcome to change your registration.

Step 1) Contact Us

If you have already registered for the In-Person attendance and want to attend the Webinar, please inform our registration team which day you would like to attend the Webinar. Email registrations on email

Registrations will forward you a Promotional code which you can use to register for the Webinar. This code is unique to each individual. 

Please note the following cutoff times for changes in registrations:

  • For the 3rd December Webinar, cutoff for registration changes is 2pm on the 2nd December.
  • For the 3rd December Webinar, cutoff for registration changes is 2pm on the 3rd December.

These cutoff times are for catering and logistics purposes. 

Step 2) Register For The Webinar

Download the EAF_Registrations Guide. This guide will show you how to use your promotional code when registering. This promotional code will allow you to register for the symposium without making a payment.

Go to the relevant Eswatini Snakebite Symposium Webinar registrations page. Please note that your promotional code is applicable to a specific day. 

Follow the guidelines as per the EAF_Registrations Guide. 

If you have any queries, please our registrations team on 

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