Fund Raising Event

Lockdown is not about putting your life on hold, it is about adapting to change!

Today's world is characterised by disruption that has prevented us from doing what we have always done! But there are opportunities within disruption, that can help you in your vital fund raising efforts to keep your organisation running and functional, and maintain the connection between your organisation and your members. 

My Offer To You!

I'll speak at no charge at your online event as long as I can offer to sell my books during registration. You keep 100% the booking fees and I get the cost of my books. As simple as that! Automate the booking process using Quicket is quick and easy!

First Responder Presentations

Essential knowledge and understanding for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been involved with various medical organisations that deal with bites and stings, written training manuals, spoken at medical conferences, delivered course on bites and stings, as well as been involved practically with medical professionals. From all of this experience, I have developed a framework that can be applied to any bite of sting. This framework greatly reduces the risk of being bitten or stung, and provides the ability to create the best possible outcome, should a bite of sting occur (humans and pets).

One World Presentations

Bridging the gap between our values and beliefs, and the future.

These presentations bridge the gap between our values and beliefs and the future. They are not about saving the environment, but rather about saving ourselves who rely upon the environment for our very existence. These presentations are for anyone who feels like they are living through a period of change, is uncertain about the future, and who to make the world a better place.

Together we can change tomorrow today!

Let's Discuss Your Fund Raising Event!

It is easier than you think to arrange to put together a fund raising event for your organisation or group. Complete the following form and include your requirements and we can discuss how best I can surpass your expectations. 
Together We can change tomorrow today!
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