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We are the first generation who truly understands that the world our children grow up in will be vastly different from our own. How we overcome the challenges of our time will make the difference between a world that we tolerate, and a world in which we prosper. As we live in the future of a decade ago, never before has mankind been so uncertain about the future, and at the same time, never before has mankind been in such a position where we can solve the challenges of our time.

Although sustainability means different things to different people, the future unites us all under a common purpose – a better world for all! One World Inspire takes an honest and open look at the world we live in today by examining our circumstances of our time, values and beleifs, and by creating a connection to the future.


  • You Are Here!
  • Mankind Impact.
  • A Fatal Disconnection.
  • Nature Has Become A Destination.
  • Civilisation Collapse Disorder.
  • How We Value Nature.
  • Ecosystem Services.
  • Ego/ Eco Paradigm.
  • Can we Be 100% Sustainable?
  • Time To Pack Your Bags.
  • One World.

One World Inspire is part of the One World Ecosystem and is supported by One World Media, One World Book, One World Companion Workbook and One World Connect.

One World Inspire is available as:

  • 45 minute inperson presentation. 
  • 45 minute virtual presentation.
  • 15 Minute Mindshot.
  • A themed question and answer session.

Supported by

  • Training Plan
  • One World Book
  • One World Posters.
  • One World Social Media.


  • Understanding the changing world that we live in.
  • How we perceptions of the world.
  • The role of values and beliefs in a sustainable future.
  • The impact of our choices.
  • Creating a connection to sustainability targets and objectives.

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2 comments on “One World Inspire Presentation”

  1. Thanks Jonathan for a great in depth and relevant presentation.
    Looking around at the audience numbering over 65 members they were hanging onto each word.
    Well done and we look forward to hosting you again.
    Keep on sharing the message through “One World Inspire”

  2. The relevance of your topic was indicated by the 200+ members who attended in February and by the lively ongoing discussion at the tea table afterwards as people continued to debate the environmental issues highlighted in your talk. Thank you for such a professional presentation.

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