Deadly Innovation Takeaway

The secret to saving humanity from itself
Thank you for attending my Deadly Innovation presentation. I hope you enjoyed the presentation but also found my message of value. I have some online resources that help spread the message of Deadly Innovation! further.

Deadly Innovation Posters

Deadly Innovation posters for free anonymous download. Print them A3 or A4 in size.
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Deadly Innovation Social Media

Social Media memes taken from my Deadly Innovation presentation. Use them in your social media, newsletters, event notices and website.
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Deadly Innovation Conversations

Deadly Innovation explores how innovation often comes from the most unlikely of sources. Why clutching on to outdated values and beliefs is holding us back, and how being open to new solutions is going to help us create a better world through biotechnology and biomimicry.
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If you found this free content of value

then you will just love my latest book entitled One World.  Find out more One World and download a sneak preview, by clicking on the button below. 
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