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Shared documents, text... to help with registrations

Promotional Code Registration Guide

Send this document to anyone who wants to rather attend the Webinar event through they have paid for in person attendance.

Transfer Promotional codes are as follows:

  • 3rd December - TRNS_5723
  • 4th December - TRNS_6118

Each code can be used 99 times. I will keep an eye on these codes and increase the number if necessary.

Download PDF

Direct Links to Quicket Registrations

Below are direct links to the Quicket registration pages:

It may be necessary to copy these links and send direct links to people. 

Changes from In Person Registrations To Webinar

If you have anyone who wants to change their registration from In Person to the Webinar please use the following guidelines:

  • Send them the link to the Webinar Registrations (Please note the date).
  • Send them the Promotional Code for that date.
  • Send them the EAF_Registrations.PDF
  • Ask them to register for the Webinar. 


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