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Thank you for attending my Eco-Anxiety presentation

Thank you for attending my Eco-Anxiety presentation or Workshop. I hope you enjoyed the presentation but also found my message of value. I have some online resources that help spread the message of Eco-anxiety further. 


Eco-Anxiety Takeaway

This 6 page PDF document is an outline of the Eco-Anxiety message in a short and concise format. More importantly, it includes the key takeaway message of Eco-Anxiety. 

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Eco-Anxiety Posters

Eco-Anxiety takes a look at the causes of anxiety, how to reframe anxiety as a driving force for solving the challenges of our time, and building a prosperous new future.

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Eco-Anxiety Social Media

Social Media memes taken from my Eco-Anxiety presentation, workshop and personal development program.

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Eco-Anxiety Conversations

Although, Covid-19 rocked the foundations of our fragile society and it is not over yet! If we continue to engineer society in a way that goes against natural fundamentals, if we ignore the warning signs and resist changing who we are as a collective species, the next crisis to sweep across the Earth is going to break society in a far more dramatic and profound way.

Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less”. The secret to saving ourselves from ourselves is firmly held within your ability to unlearn and relearn our new reality.

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Eco-Anxiety Personal Development Program

The Eco-anxiety Personal Development Program is a self study program, consisting of of 24 hours of study, 8 sessions, 200 pages and 48 activities.

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Eco-Anxiety Workshop

This collaborative 4 hour workshop is suitable for up to 30 participants per session. Ideal for morning or afternoon breakout sessions, and as a team building activity. 

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If you found this free content of value

then you will just love my latest book entitled One World.  Find out more One World and download a sneak preview, by clicking on the button below. 
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