Urban Conservation Project

The Urban Conservation Project needs your help!


Thank you for you interest in the Urban Snake/ Spider/ Scorpion Conservation Project.

We are living in the Anthropocene, a period in history that demonstrates the remarkable impact of mankind on Earth. Human driven biodiversity loss is between 1000 ad 10,000 times higher that natural extinction rates. You can contribute to urban biodiversity in your area.

Your input provides vital assistance in conservation efforts to save these amazing creatures. As part of the project snakes, spiders and scorpions have been tagged and released into certain urban areas (just look for the signs). Constant monitoring of animal populations provides insight into how we can further preserve snakes, spiders and scorpions for future generations.

Please feel free to download and forward the below snake education posters. Together we can change tomorrow today!

Basic Snakebite Education

Kindly made available by the producers of Minutes To Die 




Urban Conservation Project Stickers

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